Coming to PAX? Party with us!


If you’re heading to PAX, chances are good that you’re currently packing up your favorite duffle bag with all your cleanest t-shirts, comfiest pairs of shorts, and a calendar with all of the coolest events that you need to hit up during your time in the Emerald City. Well, luckily for you, we’ve got a couple more nuggets of awesome to add onto your personal itinerary, and they’re events you’re not going to want to miss.

Party, party, party!
On Friday night we're going to throw a big party for anyone that wants to get some hands-on time with Impostors, some frosty beer in their bellies, and some face time with the developers. We’ll have a 4v4 match set up so that you can play against (or with, if you insist) your friends. Make sure you attend! The party will be held right next to the convention center, and it'll be running from 9pm-12am. Don't forget to pick up your invite at our booth on Friday before the festivities begin! For some more information, or to chat with fellow attendees, head over to this forum thread!

Beat the devs, win an Xbox 360
We're going to push your skills to the max. We've got a 'Beat the Devs' tournament from 12pm-4pm on Sunday, August 28th at our booth (#932), with the possible prize of a brand-spankin' new Xbox 360 to any team that's able to take down our in-house all-stars. How do you win this prize, you might be wondering? Quite simply, you've got to field a team of five, bring them to our booth at the appropriate time, and attempt to beat a team of folks that are responsible for creating Gotham City Impostors. (For the record, that means that they're really good at it.) If you're able to defeat them then your entire team of five will be entered to win brand new Xbox 360's signed by the development team and adorned with custom art. Get plenty of practice on the first two days! You're going to need it.

Other than that, we’ll see you at the booth. Travel safe and have fun!