Next stop: Gamescom 2011!


We’ve been preparing. We’ve been doing our pushups. We’ve been eating raw eggs and we’ve been coding like champions. After all this preparation, Gamescom is finally upon us! That’s right, this week from the 17th-21st we’ll be over in Köln, Germany showing off Gotham City Impostors to all of our European fans!

Want to drop by, say hello, and get some hands-on time with Impostors? Great! Head on over to Hall 8 and make your way to booth C020/B021. We’ll be right there, patiently awaiting your arrival.

Are you unable to make the show? Unfortunate, to be sure, but you can keep up with the madness by following our Facebook and Twitter pages! We’ll be updating them as often as we can (unfortunately, not all of our US cell phones will work over in Europe), so keep your eyes peeled for all the tasty bits of information we’ll dole out.

Now, off to Germany! We’ve got a flight to catch.