We can't do it alone


The community team behind Gotham City Impostors is an eclectic group, and very little is known about them. It’s high time that changed, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the fine folks that are responsible for putting together the sweet, sweet content you see on this very website. So, without further ado, meet the team!

First things first, there’s Dayne McClurg. He started working at Monolith back in 2005 (the same year “Boyfriend” by Ashlee Simpson was a #1 hit), and has worked on The Matrix Online, F.E.A.R., F.E.A.R 2, and Condemned. Among his favorite things to do are, and this quote is verbatim, “get my ass handed to me in online first-person shooters by 12 year-olds, play soccer, drink beer, ride bicycle machines, swear, and listen to rock and roll music.”

Up next is Lucas “Hammer” Myers. He’s the star of our videos and he’s also a Producer on Gotham City Impostors (that means that without him, nothing would get done). At home he likes to spend his time philosophizing on the finer points of 18th century western intellectual history, and here in the workplace he’s an undeniable conduit of genius. He’s been working in gaming for six whole years, and he’s been at Monolith for four of them.

Steven Walker, our Designer extraordinaire, has been slinging color palettes since 2005 (primarily in the gaming industry). He’s into vigilantes with an unhealthy affection for rodents, sticky notes/thumb tacks/tape/other items that help him keep track of the world at large, annoyingly judging restaurants by the font choice in their menus (Comic Sans for life!) and all things that encompass comics, art, design and video games.

Andy “Frelorn” Cataldo has been doing the Community thing since 2005. Starting out on the MMO Asheron’s Call as player who got to live the dream of working on the game they love, he worked his way onto the community team and never looked back. He has worked on all of the games that Turbine has released and most recently has been helping out the community at Batman: Arkham City. During his free time you will find him getting whooped at any variety of FPS, watching sports, drinking frosty beverages (read: beer) and spending quality time finding new ways to cook bacon. (It is after all, the candy of the meat group!)

The man that makes all of the sexy videos happen is none other than Mike “Mike D” Denman. Mike has been working in video production for four years now, and during that time he’s directed, edited and produced short films, commercials and music videos. He’s also something of a giver-backer, and is a founding member of Team Awesome Seattle, a non-profit that focuses on creativity and collaboration.

And lastly, there’s Andy Salisbury. If you recognize his name (and we know you don’t) it’s due to his past endeavors with PC Gamer, Maximum PC, @GAMER or the World of Warcraft Official Magazine. Before now he’d been a member of the gaming press for about five years and frankly, he couldn’t be more excited to be here.

We’re glad to meet you! Now, feel free to tell us a little more about yourself in our forums, and get ready to hunt us down online.