Beta Time!


Well hello there, potential Bats and Jokerz!

Our beta test is about to begin, and we want each and every one of you to polish up your grappling hook, stretch out that trigger finger, and sign-up for the official beta test right here! [Update: The beta sign-ups are now closed!]

Once you’ve registered, keep a watchful eye on your inbox for an invite as this is, indeed, a closed beta with a limited number of codes. When we do start sending them out we’ll be sure and let everyone know on Twitter and Facebook! (You know, so that you can avoid scams, and other unsavory acts perpetrated by the dark splinters of the Internet.)

For those of you that are sticklers for specifics, the beta will be happening in September and you’ll be cranking it up on your PC. Sound fun? That’s because it will be!

Until then, brush up on your aim and practice your best gravelly voice. You’re going to need them.