Trade shows, conventions and betas - oh my!


August is looking like it’ll be a scorcher! Not just in terms of the atmospheric temperature, but by how much concentrated awesome is going to happen on the days of the 17th-21st and the 26th-28th. Just what’s happening on those days, you might ask? Gamescom and PAX, of course!

That’s right, Gamescom and PAX Prime are coming up this month, and we’ll be at both events, providing Gotham City Impostors hands-on time to those that can make it to Cologne or Seattle. If you find yourself at either one of these shows, drop by our booth and check the game out! We’ll be there handing out fresh helpings of trash talk and frantic gunplay. And hey, if you’re not able to make it, you can follow along from home on our forums, the Facebook page or tweet with @GothamImpostors on Twitter!

But, to those of you that are unable to attend either show, know that our beta is on its way very soon! There aren’t any specific details yet that we're at liberty to talk about (with the exception of the information found in this post, of course), but know that the beta is indeed on its way, and once we know more we’ll send out information via Facebook, Twitter and this magnificent blog. Get those homemade cowls ready!

Additional Details on PAX Prime and
Gamescom can be found on their official websites: