What is Gotham City Impostors?


  • Get Ready, Gotham...

    Hatched from the twisted minds at Monolith Productions,
    Gotham City Impostors is a download-only multiplayer FPS
    that pits violent vigilantes dressed up like Batman against
    craven criminals dressed up like the Joker in open warfare on
    the streets of Gotham City.

  • Why fight crime when you can kill it.

    Gotham City has gone insane! Batman is up to his pointy ears in unwanted "helpers" determined to dish out their own bloodthirsty brand of vigilante justice in his name (and image). Meanwhile, a small army of self-appointed junior Jokerz has turned the streets of Gotham into a barmy battlefield of bullets, bodies, and bear traps.

    More customization than you can shake a shotgun at

    Packing more customization than you can shake a shotgun at, you get to choose the guns, gadgets and even the hairdos that fit your personality and play style. It doesn't matter if you want to be a mighty muscleman on roller skates with a hunting bow or a lithe lassie packing a homebrew rocket launcher and glider wings, Gotham City Impostors does not have rigid character classes and lets you play the way you want.

    1000 levels of player advancement overflowing with upgrades and unlocks

    A robust level up system lets you unlock all the items required to make your impostor as crazy as you desire. Whether you prefer to develop your impostor by proving your prowess in solo challenges designed to test your skills and reflexes or by battling your way to the top of the scoreboard in several delightfully over-the-top multiplayer modes, there's a surefire way for you to realize your preposterous potential!

    Available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

    Gotham City Impostors is available for download on the PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox LIVE. So get that trigger finger nice and itchy, smear on some clown makeup or don your homemade cowl, because it's time to take Gotham!

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