Community Q&A #5


Gotham City Impostors has been out long enough many a shotgun shell to be spent, and for countless pipe bombs to be unleashed. During this time you've been diving head first into everything that Impostors has to offer as you glide, leap, and grapple your way across the various boroughs of Gotham. But, what else is going on in Gotham City? What else are our developers doing, now that Impostors has arrived?

Well, we recently gave you a chance to ask us everything that was on your mind, and you sent us more questions then we can shake a stick at. We pulled the very best ones, walked them over to the desk of Senior Associate Producer Lucas Myers, and before we knew it he'd handed us back some hot-off-the-presses answers for your viewing enjoyment! So, without further delay, here's the fifth edition of our Community Q&A.

[Note: Questions may be edited for clarity.]
"Will we ever get a chance to play with the devs?" -NinjaMortis
You ask it like you haven't been playing with us all along. You do realize we're stacking our teams online with all devs and doing our best to steamroll you all, right? We've just been doing it incognito. That way, we don't have to suffer the public humiliation if we happen to lose. But if you insist on fighting us out in the open, then yes, there will be community game nights in the future!

"What are some of the developer's favorite fun facts and psych profiles?" -M1NDV1RUS
I personally love Cutthroat. It keeps my Nimble ninja killing with the katana! I'm pretty sure Nate Edson loves the Histrionic Psych Profile because he's always a member of Gotham's Most Wanted…

"About how much time do you guys figure it'll take to reach level 1000?" -HeavenlyClassic
It really depends on how awesome you are. Don't forget, the more players try out new loadouts, the more Feats of Prowess they'll complete… which means more delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering XP.

"If I'm addicted enough to buy both the Games for Windows Live and the Xbox Live versions, will my stats carry over, or will they be separated by platform?" -alucidzombie
Your stats will be separated by platform. You wouldn't want your analog-stick kills confused with your mouse kills, would you?

"With the 25th Floor we got a new map, but will there also be a gang affiliated with it?" -batboy1983
The original five gangs will be chronically vying for control of the 25th Floor... as well as other new locations that are yet to be announced. ;)

"Will there be any new mascots??" - idfdfdfFGG
I have seen into the future. And it is good.

"Now that the DLC is here, what's next for Impostors?" - Its.All.Luck
We're still working hard on getting the first DLC out on all platforms as soon as we can. But worry not; we've also been working on more fixes, more content, and more mayhem to be announced in the future. Stay tuned!

And, just like that, our latest Community Q&A session has come to a close. Until next time, be sure to keep a steady eye on our forums, Facebook, and Twitter pages to make sure that you're involved in the next one!